Dr Amir Georges Sabongui


Dr Amir Georges Sabongui

Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui, PhD, is a psychologist and seasoned speaker highly prized for his humor and dynamism. Winner of several awards of merit, including the prestigious scholarships from the research councils of the Canadian and Quebec governments, he has conducted research on resilience for more than 10 years, for which he was awarded the award of excellence. of the Canadian Psychological Association.

A former Commanding Officer of the Canadian Navy, he earned special recognition for his outstanding leadership during nearly 14 years of military service.

Today, he manages Solutions Organisationnelles Sabongui where he works with companies to clean up work environments and straighten team dynamics to encourage employees to perform to their full potential.

He has taken on consulting mandates for the largest North American companies and presented more than 3,000 workshops and conferences in front of more than 500,000 participants around the world.

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