Max Trudel

Chief Operating Officer - Voilà

Max Trudel

Chief Operating Officer at Voilà! since the launch of the company in 2016, Max Trudel has ensured the excellence of the expertise and services offered to all of the company's clients.

Prior to launching this project, Max offered his services as a digital transformation consultant in addition to leading several digital services companies. He has had the chance to contribute to the digital transformation and marketing of many companies including Adidas, National Bank, Cogeco Media and several hundred others.

Max also shares his experiences with established and aspiring entrepreneurs in various ways as a radio host, teacher at the Université de Sherbrooke, author and speaker.

Start-up Presentation: The schedule manager you'd like to be

Summary: The presentation is an overview of the possibilities offered by Voilà! in terms of automating schedule management and time and attendance management. The tool will be presented through various concrete cases, so as to illustrate the time and money savings obtained by the users of the platform.

April 14, 2:30 pm

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