Hélène Bourcier



Hélène Bourcier - CEO

Hélène Bourcier, Bachelor in Industrial Relations at Université Laval, has been working in the field of Human Resources since 1985. She joined the AVRH Team Inc. in 2000 and became CEO in 2007. 

Ms. Bourcier has been involved in the implementation of multiple pay equity issues and has developed expertise in the application of the Pay Equity Act and a sharp knowledge of the specifics of municipal mergers. In 2010, she initiated the development work of the Balance sotfware, which manages all pay and pay equity files and began marketing in 2018. Ms. Bourcier was called upon to conduct investigations for the pay equity Commission; she is also a reference for some articles regarding pay equity and remuneration among other things for the magazine L’Actualité.

"Start-up" session: April 4, 16:00-16:15 (Room 512 B-F)

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