1. Vignette DSL

    HR TECH Montreal / Interview with Dominique St-Laurent - Ultimate Software

    Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, Practice Lead at Horizons HR, is hosting Dominique St-Laurent from Ultimate (…)

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    HR TECH Montreal / Interview with Pierre Colangelo - ADP

    HR TECH Montreal is a unique event gathering all HR technologies under ONE roof! Several partners (…)

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    The future of work and technologies, a hot topic at HR TECH Montreal (VIDEO)

    New learning platforms, competences of the future, ongoing conversations... The future of work and (…)

  4. Eric Poirier2

    HR TECH Montreal, an incredible showcase for HR executives (VIDEO)

    The HR function is constantly evolving and has to be supported by state-of-the-art technologies, as (…)

  5. Pierre Rochette2

    HR TECH Montreal, the only event in the field of HR tech in Montreal (VIDEO)

    Why register to HR TECH Montreal? Because nothing is better than discussing technologies, face to (…)

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    It's an exciting time for HR and it is happening here! (VIDEO)

    There is no doubt that the HR world is very dynamic in Quebec and Canada. Talent management is at (…)

  7. David Theberge2

    All about democratization of HR technologies (VIDEO)

    HR Technologies are not exclusive to large corporations and can benefit to all companies, whatever (…)

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    You are working for a small or a medium company? HR Technologies are for you too! (VIDEO)

    Discover how they can help with Fouad Benyoub for Nethris by clicking here.

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    What are the key trends in HR technology ? (VIDEO)

    Employee engagement, enablement, people analytics... In this video, Jennifer Buckley from Workday (…)

  10. Pascal Occean

    Let's hear from our partners! (VIDEO)

    To organize an event such as HR TECH Montreal, we have partnered with highly talented and skilled (…)

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    Why participate to HR TECH Montreal? (VIDEO)

    Romain Charbonneau tells you more about it. Click here to watch the video.