Céline Hediard

Vice President, Business Development - Squadeasy

Céline Hediard

Before joining Squadeasy, Céline worked with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Canada, between commercial management and management of the Business Club. At the end of 2020, after having created an inter-company challenge with the CCI with the aim of cohesion and commitment of the teams, she was seduced by Squadeasy's corporate mission. Céline offered to develop our business in Canada and brought us a large network of contacts interested in the solution. Squadeasy's Canada subsidiary was created early 2021, with Céline as its sole collaborator.

Between external communication and commercial prospecting, Céline managed to reach great development opportunities for Squadeasy. Céline acts on the Canadian territory in order to engage the employees of companies to practice physical activities and adopt responsible behaviors.

Start-up Presentation: Quality of Life at Work and Responsible Behaviors

Summary: Céline will present the solution, the features and integrations present, our development plan with the new "carbon" feature. It will be explained how our SaaS solution meets a goal of increasing employee performance and engagement, while fighting absenteeism. Céline will explain how the application works, from the physical activities to be recorded to quizzes, photo challenges and interactions between users. Finally, the solidarity missions that a company can choose to undertake will be presented, in order to make a donation to a partner association according to the Kms carried out by its employees over the duration of the challenge.

April 14, 11:00 am

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