Brian Carries Naar

Associate - Amélio

Brian Carries Naar

A passionate entrepreneur, Brian has developed unique expertise in helping organizations create an engaging employee experience. He joined Amélio in its early days as a partner having the will to offer an advanced analytical tool that turns employees into brand ambassadors providing companies with the organizational culture that differentiates them from their competitors and creates a high-performance work environment.

 With an accounting background and as a member of the CPA order, he progressed through various professional roles as a consultant before finding a new passion in employee engagement.

He strongly believes in Richard Branson's principle that customers should not be the priority, but employees are. Taking care of your employees should come first, and they will take care of your clients.

Start-up Presentation: Create an engaging employee experience to retain your top talent.

Summary: In times of labor shortage, how do you attract and retain the best employees when other companies can offer a more competitive compensation? Amélio, a Montreal-based start-up already helping 300 companies in America and Europe, presents solutions within your reach thanks to its technological tool.  

April 14, 10:30 am

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