Alexandre Bouchard

CEO and co-founder - V3 Stent

Alexandre Bouchard

A former Apple employee and entrepreneur for 8 years now, Alexandre is the head of V3 Stent, a company focused on technology, artificial intelligence, innovation and result generation. 

His group markets the Stent platform: a must-have for the digital transformation of Sales, Marketing and Recruitment of companies on social networks. In short, anything that can create a competitive advantage in an ever-changing world.

Start-up Presentation - Artificial intelligence at the service of your recruitment

Summary: In this conference, we will align the needs of the market in terms of Sourcing, Employer Brand and Recruitment using the Stent platform which is equipped with advanced AI algorithms with the aim of reducing the burden of Sourcing and Candidate Analysis to accelerate hiring in the context of labor shortages.

April 14, 2:15 pm

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