Catherine Légaré

President and co-founder - Elo mentorat

Catherine Légaré

Co-founder and president of Elo mentorat, Catherine founded Academos 20 years ago, a digital mentoring solution that helps young people find their way professionally. She holds a PhD in psychology, has taught design and coordination of mentoring programs at the Université du Québec à Montréal and regularly provides training to mentors and mentees in an organizational context. She is a mentoring expert recognized across the country.

Start-up Presentation: Dive into the world of virtual mentoring to integrate and grow your teams!

Summary: Want to help your team thrive, be better trained, stay happy, engaged and engaged at work (especially in these remote work times), why not let us give you a quick and exclusive tour of our mentoring platform? Discover how Elo empowers more than 6000 people to build better teams, careers, networks and businesses through its mentoring platform!

April 14, 10:45 am

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