Martin Mathe

Co-founder & Chief Strategy & Partnerships - AppyHere

Martin Mathe

Martin Mathe is co-founder of AppyHere, an integrated recruitment solution for hourly employees and has over 25 years of experience in organizational transformation in several industries. Martin is passionate about technology and more specifically in the human resources sector. He has held positions of increasing responsibility in both private and public companies in acquisition mode, rapid growth periods and transient business cycles.

Start-up Presentation: Why you don't need an agency, job search site, or TTY to recruit hourly employees 

Summary: AppyHere is a SaaS platform solely focused in the hourly job market. It is all about speed and efficiency to engage and hire candidates. AppyHere embeds itself smoothly into your hiring process. It automates the process from the job seekers’ application(s), screening, ranking and scheduling candidates for interviews. It enables your team to focus on talking to relevant candidates only. It frees up time for your team to work on valued-added tasks.

April 14, 10:30 am

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