Maxime Gauthier Bourbonnais



Maxime Gauthier Bourbonnais - CEO

During his studies in engineering, Maxime has honed many technological fields including automation and robotics. His master's project in surgical innovation allowed him to get out of his comfort zone by developing a business model around a product that facilitates the training of surgeons. He then expanded his knowledge by following a short entrepreneurship program. With several business incubators, including Centech and MTLab, he founded Merinio in June 2016 to revolutionize labour management in the manufacturing and tourism sectors.
The experience he has accumulated in the last few years touches on several areas, including sales, marketing, finance, management, and innovation. His experience now allows him to weave the necessary links between the needs of an industry and the resources to commercialize an innovative project.

"Start-up" session: April 4, 16:15-16:30 (Room 512 B-F)


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