Cindy Shaw

Manager, HR Strategic Development


Cindy Shaw - Manager, HR Strategic Development

Cindy Shaw is responsible for driving strategic alignment across Stantec HR programs, collaborating with senior leaders to ensure alignment of the Stantec corporate HR strategy with the business strategy and the newly defined Integrated Talent Management Strategy. She holds a key business engagement role in Stantec’s 3-year global implementation of the Oracle Talent Management System (HCM Cloud) and leads the project’s change management strategy and implementation. Cindy has over 25 years of HR experience specializing in operations and implementation of strategic vision. Prior to Stantec she worked as a management consultant focussed on change management, leadership development, organizational development, and business management. She has experience with a variety of industries, serving both private and publicly held organizations, and has held senior leadership roles within business operations as well as HR. 

Best practices seminar: "Don’t be Paralyzed, be Harmonized! Oracle HCM Cloud as a Catalyst to Transform HR"

Abstract: An opportunity to completely transform the way HR supports an organization only comes around once every decade or more (Thankfully!). Stantec, a large global engineering firm that had grown exponentially through acquisition, has seized the opportunity after subscribing to Oracle HCM Cloud. Embracing its consulting partner Baker Tilly’s recommendation to leverage this move as a catalyst for change, the company began the implementation with a "Harmonize" phase to drive alignment on the project and to clearly define “Global Common Models” for its key HR processes – the perfect platform from which to eventually launch the implementation, with clearly defined scope, priorities, timelines, and expectations and measures of success. Stantec is now reaping the benefits of “Harmonized” processes, modern technology, and positive business outcomes.

April 4, 14:00-14:45 (Room 512 B-F)

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