Patrice Poirier



Patrice Poirier - President

Patrice Poirier is the president of SIGMA-HR (HR software editor), a company that he founded in 1992 in Montreal. With a dual expertise in HR and IT, Patrice Poirier is the creator of the HR software that optimizes all the human resources management processes: administrative management, talent management, time management, occupational health and safety. Patrice Poirier has actively participated in the international development of his company which is now present in Canada, France and the United States. He has implemented a policy of continuous innovation that allows SIGMA-HR to offer reliable and flexible software solution that provide pragmatic answers to HR manager issues.

Best practices seminar: "Manpower shortage: how HR software and artificial intelligence can help you?"

Abstract: Manpower shortage can have bad consequences on your company: disorganization, overloaded staff, loss of customers, refusal of new contracts, etc. Attracting talents through an effective recruitment process, retaining them by developing their skills and offering them a successful employee experience is more than ever at the heart of HR departments' concerns. Discover how HR software combined with artificial intelligence can help you implement an effective talent retention strategy.

April 4, 15:00-15:45 (Room 512 B-F)

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