Philippe Normand

Advisory Solution Consultant


Philippe Normand - Advisory Solution Consultant

Philippe Normand has been a service management solutions consultant for ServiceNow for almost 6 years. He has been involved in information technology for more than 29 years, including more than 17 years in data management and data protection.

Best practices seminar: "Modernizing HR and the New Hire Onboarding Experience at ServiceNow"

Abstract: Making the right first impression on an employee’s journey is absolutely critical and starts with creating the next-generation new hire onboarding experience. Like many organizations, ServiceNow began its employee onboarding journey with a myriad of custom and point HR solutions that resulted in broken cross-departmental processes, lack of personalization, frustrating upgrades, and an inflexible model that could no longer scale. In this session, you’ll learn how we’re “drinking our own champagne” by successfully replacing our legacy onboarding application with ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions solution. Discover how ServiceNow is building the workplace of the future by making it easy for employees to get the services they need.

April 4, 16:00-16:45 (Room 512 A-E)

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