Sebastiaan Bos

Director of Product Management HCM


Sebastiaan Bos - Director of Product Management HCM

Sebastiaan Bos is the head of product management for HCM at Nakisa. Bos leads product development to define, design, and implement the product vision and strategy for Nakisa Hanelly, an organizational design solution. As the executive solutions architect, Bos is focused on understanding the functional and business requirements of a company by bridging the gaps between technology, process, and solution.

Technology Workshop: "Achieving Efficiencies in Organizational Design on a Global Scale"

Abstract: Going through major organizational design initiatives doesn’t have to be long and stressful. But executing an organizational restructuring without an org design solution creating a clear plan and thought out design will seriously impact the time taken to execute and overall success. Utilizing an organizational design solution helps you understand the data and reporting, identify and retain key talent, write back to your existing HCM solution and open your eyes to options you have during this change. Join us to learn how to leverage your existing HCM data, identify data gaps, plan and model organizational scenarios to facilitate fast and informed decisions. Plan in a secure data source to align with KPI’s and deploy the agreed organizational design change in a fast, efficient way.

April 4, 16:00-16:45 (Room 512 D-H)

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