Stéphane Rivet

VP HR, Corporate Services, Learning & Development - Intact

Stéphane Rivet

Over the past few years, Stéphane Rivet has worked in companies where he has, among other things, developed and implemented strategies to improve the performance of human resources departments and organizations as well as to attract, retain and develop top talent. More specifically, over the years, he was responsible for the implementation of a HR service center to serve a client base of 12,000 employees across Canada, redefined the entire structure of the HR services in mid to large organizations, developed and introduced a new program for the development of talent, leadership and critical positions within two national companies and is currently responsible for the implementation of a new HR platform at Intact Financial Corporation.

He has worked in the transportation industry (Air Canada), finance (Axa Canada, Intact Financial Corporation), telecommunications (Radio Canada), hotels (Hilton International) and food services (Sodexho Canada).

Mr. Rivet obtained a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Montreal, which he complemented with a Certificate in Business Management and an MBA (HEC). In 2015, he completed his coaching certification from Concordia University.

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