Eric Mac Nicoll

CEO and co-founder - Kaira Technologies

Eric Mac Nicoll

Eric Mac Nicoll has over 25 years of experience at one of Canada's leading financial institutions with a long track record of technological innovation and implementation. He recently co-founded Kaira Technologies, a financial wellness startup with a mission to improve workplace well-being and help employers attract and retain employees.

Start-up Presentation: Kaira Technologies: When technology cares about the well-being of your employees

Summary: Kaira wants to help employers address the big challenge of attracting and retaining employees. Our unique digital financial well-being coaching solution improves well-being at work. Finances are now recognized as the top cause of employees’ stress. Kaira’s digital coaching app helps employees reduce financial stress and positively impacts their engagement. Also, Kaira lnsight, the business intelligence tool, helps employers identify employees needs to help them towards financial wellness.

April 14, 2.45 pm

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