Hugues Léger

CEO and co-founder - Mouse at Work

Hugues Léger

Hugues Léger is an accomplished executive, specializing in product launches and category development. He has held leadership roles both locally and internationally for Fortune 500 companies in the consumer products and Sports & Entertainment sectors.

He has been working in HR technologies since 2018 with the mission of making companies and recruiters more efficient in the sourcing phase, by combining artificial intelligence and humans. 

Hugues regularly appears in the Montreal media on topics related to the economics of sport. He is a nationally ranked tennis player and a certified coach by Tennis Canada. Hugues currently sits on the Board of Directors of Tennis Montréal.

Start-up Presentation: Find invisible candidates by democratizing sourcing.

Summary: Internal referencing programs are very popular with HR managers in companies. Cheaper, faster and a better fit with corporate culture are the most cited benefits. The shortage of skilled labour will be a recurring issue in the coming years. Should sourcing be decompartmentalized to find passive or invisible candidates? This workshop discusses the potential of a consumer SEO model that gives unparalleled reach in personal networks and communities. 

April 14, 11:00 am

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