Frédérick Blanchette



Frédérick Blanchette - Partner

In 2003, Frédérick Blanchette joined the human resources consulting firm Solertia, where he is now a Partner.

Solertia has entrusted Frédérick with the company’s mission to foster strategic, long-term partnerships with clients and thereby expand and improve their organizational performance. With this objective, the firm offers specialized consulting services that address human resources, total compensation, performance and HR metrics, the Pay Equity Act, the 1% Workforce Skills and Development Act, and government tax credits and grants. As Partner, Frédérick oversees the firm’s operations and develops its services, ensuring growth and advancement. He conducts strategic planning while meticulously adhering to company policy and a professional code of conduct. Additionally, Frédérick provides expert consultation services within a wide range of interventions.

A gifted strategist, first-rate leader and outstanding communicator, Frédérick is known for establishing Solertia’s reputation as the Canadian reference in human resource management.

Best practices seminar: "HR analytics: Unrestricted"

Abstract: HR professionals are regularly asked to measure and communicate the contribution of their department and programs to senior management. They must prove that their investments have a direct impact on the success of the organization. With this context in mind, it is critical that HR professionals understand how to properly measure performance and how to represent complex HR data and KPIs using HR Dashboards. The HRIS tools available on the market today allow HR professionals to access and clarify their organizations complex HR data, allowing them to create efficiencies and to make better-informed decisions.

April 4, 10:00-10:45 (Room 512 B-F)

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